Incarcerated Flavors

"Don't imprison your taste, free your creativity."

Month: March, 2012

Reality Check

Nothing in life is a certain but death, from our first to our last breathe.
All that and in between is often a blink of an eye, before we go off to that so-called pie in the sky.
Our legacy consist of every step we take, with those you’ve taken were you fakin’, for the day shall come, when there is no more wakin’.
Please Don’t start shakin’, take a moment, We Can Make It!
Get Up Stand Up, Live Each Day Like Your Last, concetrate on the future,
Don’t worry about our past, judge not those that judge thee but find ones own fault. Last but not least, I want to say to the beast, I look to the East, TRUTH, thats where I find my PEACE!
Incarcerated Flavors


Journal Entries: The HERO!!

As a young boy I can recall how I would always find myself feeling like I hated the way my life was and looked at my parents like their’s were so bad  because in my head they could do better.

Placing that immature veiw upon them without knowing all of what their life obsticles were, brought about a great deal of shame and guilt that I have placed on myself. I had a child at a very young age only adding to my feeling of dissatisfaction with life and the conditions we were in.  I sold drugs only to support my son, at first, then was lost in the life-style. See I was too worried about what type of STYLE I was living becuase I was so dissatisfied, robbing myself of my rights to learn what LIFE was about. Only to have it even more stunted by serving all of my tweenties confined.

My parents understood the importance of being together and communicating through problems that occured during their bond of 34 years. They went to work everyday and put food on our table legitimately. I always felt like I had to rescue them from the hood, it is filled with poeple that don’t want to see you get out of there becuase they don’t ever see a way out for them-selves.

I just want to be able to provide for my family and missing so much time and adding to my struggle only make some days almost unbearable. I have a toxic attitude when I get discouraged, ready to give up on evrything that I have started because it seem like nothing I do is working the way it was foreseen.

It is time for me to take a moment and self reflect so I don’t get pulled back into the life of seeking validation first from others then from my-self, but seek validation from self first and not concerned about what others think. Politics have infiltrated every institution in our world as we know it…

Got things to do!



Free As A Bird

Free As A Bird.

Food for Thought

Just as the physically weak man can become strong through physical training, So can the mentally weak man through intellectual training.

Free As A Bird

Moving as you please, high above chaos and confusion, left with a view that seems we are alone out here.

Take a moment to suck it all in, allow the wind to gracefully glide against your skin, as you begin to ascend, take a deep breathe and remember where you been.

Never forget where you came from and how easy it is to return, so in those moments of boardem recall what it took to learn.

Living life on life terms, sounded as if it was for the birds, if thats what it take to stay free, than give me my branch in the tree,
cause I’m, FREE AS A BIRD !!!




I got caught up at a young age, mind in a rage.

I had a seed when I was 13 I brought out the GAGE!

The older GOD said slow down and get this knowlegde,

I told’em, “Not right now, I gotta fatten my pockets”,

thats when I went uptown and started messing with Poppi,

*^It got hot and the jakes tried to lock me. So I went O.T.,

at the age of 17, thinking none of those cats can’t mess with me,

Now my seed is like 3 but he barely new me, and I call myself a father,

don’t know why I bother, Cause I’m still running round playinmg cops and robbers,

My responsibility was much greater than me, but I still ain’t give a fluf about life, Now thats trife.

Now Im getting older and my choice got bolder, Feeling untouchable with my rep on my shoulder,

just turned 18 I was the worst man dreams, getting all wetted up, and everytime you see me I stay with a blunt,

man I’m glad those days is up cause I never gave to much.

I recall oneday which was September 12, I was sitting in my crib just a counting my wealth,

and these Sucker With A Team just bust through the door,

Put they guns to my head and said lay on the floor.

You wanted upstate for mess that you did,

The othr one said but he just a kid,

His man responded not to young for a bid,

He like to toat guns and drugs, He wanted for slaying a man with a tre-pound slug.

Sitting in the precent, Its like a quarter to 2, Thinking to myself what could I do,

Thinking about the could’ves and would’ves and damb I should’ve,

Then reality struck and the words came to like such, WHAT !

Change your Life, Before its To Late, Sitting in the Belly looking Out Those Gates

360 Yaw’ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Incarcerated Flavors

Incaceratation does not not only exist in the PHYSICAL form, it is also MENTALLY, EMOTIONALY and SPIRITUALLY. Flavors are all the talents skills an potential that we possess.