Don’t Look Up, Look Within!

by Incarcerated Flavors

Modern day slavery is not something that exist in the physical form. Since then, the psychological ones have been placed on the masses in the form of indoctrination. Many never stop to question things that are considered tradition or just the way it is, we see them as they are and except it as truth because the media said so.

Don’t trust none of them people for they are all together and  only tell the part of the story needed to perpetuate the teachings of the slave master. We are mere puppets in the scheme of things and the puppeteer sits back and pull the strings as we run stir crazy striving to make ends meet. It is time that we stop and ask the questions needed when we are faced with unjust results because we can’t afford an attorney and they appoint us one.

If you don’t have the means financially and regardless of how sound your program proposal to help lower the recidivism rate, if it does not fit into the plan that is already set in play from upstairs, the program is either looked over or left to fend for its self. While those that are in play are ineffective and underserved for the population that is in need.

Question: Is it expected for our conditins to change or get fixed by those that created the problem?