Who Really Won The 2008 Presidential Election?

by Incarcerated Flavors

Against the backdrop of an underlying racism that has plagued this country since its inception; we ushered in, what would appear to be a new era in our nation’s social equality with the inauguration of President 44. To most of the disenfranchised, mis-educated, delusional masses we appear to have broken a barrier to a ceiling that we often spoke of but never laid eyes on. But to a select few, namely the ones who followed the presidential race from each respective party’s nomination, to the full blown attack each candidate engaged in to discredit one another; the answer to one question seems to elude even the most observant spectator. Who really won the 2008 election?

Looking at the pool of nominees we don’t come across a sea of qualified potential leaders, in fact we have to select from the trickling faucet of each respective party  which candidate is the most likely to mislead us the least. All is fair in war and politics until one takes a closer look at the actual combatants. From the Republican National party we only have two real nominees to speak of without a collective laugh from our society, former mayor Rudolph Giuliani and senator John McCain. In the one hand you have a candidate that helped guide New York through one of its most turbulent events while fielding questions about his extracurricular martial activities which competed for the same headlines. On the other hand we have a former vet, who when faced with the choice of admitting fault on behalf of his nation or enduring torture with his fellow P.O.W. brethren for the sake of honor, well, he took what some would consider the easy way out. With ideal personnel arising from this party becoming as farfetched an afterthought as a South African heroin in a Disney movie, the Republican Party collectively endorsed what they mislabeled the lesser of two evils.

The Jackass Party faced a similar problem with distinction between its nominees. With the induction of either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama, yes, in the one hand it would be the culmination of surpassing a monumental milestone for our nation as a whole but in the other, depending on the outcome of the first term in office, the electoral victory could not only be short lived but also be viewed as a colossal set beck for either victor. How? Let me clarify. Under the reign of President 43 our nation has been engaged in a war under the guise of exterminating terrorism, all the while we have collectively sunk deeper into economic turmoil while overlooking the fact that this is 43’s last term. Simply put, someone is going to have to clean this mess and it’s not the child who made it!

Let us revisit the original question of who actually won this election. We are all aware who President 44 is, but let us probe deeper as to the semantics surrounding the glorious milestone. With the recent events surrounding the systematic deconstruction of our great nation, we are now forced to choose which poisonous pill to swallow to awaken from a false reality much in the same manner as Keanu Reeves was subjected to in the Matrix. President 43 left quit a disaster for 44. Here is what I find odd about the circumstances surrounding the last year of 43. If you were going to leave, would attempt to rebuild part of the mess you played a hand in making or would you salt the earth further to ensure who ever takes your place will be considered less of a leader than you by comparison. You see if you look at the withdrawal of former mayor Giuliani and the forward movement of a senator who would make for a perfect over the hill patsy then yes, the Republican Party made a wise choice in endorsing McCain. But if you look at the Democrats, you wonder are they really that confident in their candidates abilities, are they not smart enough to see the mate-in-two move the republicans have done or have they agreed to some back end deal to continue to hinder the dreams of either African Americans as a whole or silence the Women’s movement like so many before it?

You see no matter whom won the election; President 44 would either go down in his/her first term as a hero or scapegoat. If 44 can manage to lead us through the wake of fallout from 43, then President 44 is not only a hero who will easily receive a second term in office, but 44 would also be viewed as an extraordinary asset to their race or gender furthering the stigma that we should now focus our attention to this overlooked class of people for leadership since our current saving grace emerged from their ranks. Devious right, now let’s examine the converse. If 44 fails, which is most likely the outcome, then 44 and anything associated to 44 by proxy would be deemed a failure and shunned from any further opportunities to run for such a coveted title for at least another five terms. Imagine the failure of our current 44, if President Obama can’t navigate this country through the seven sea’s of turmoil (war, social-economic meltdown, unemployment, health care reform, evaporating educational budget, global economic reform and rising cost with diminishing returns) then 44 would not only find his cabinet and himself branded a failure, but the entire classification of people he represents by proxy would also share in his indignity. What better way to control and discourage an entire populous then by allowing them to win a fixed race; and watching their champion, tarnished in public, at the helm of a nation as it tail spins further into a complete collapse with no sign of help.

A plan like that achieves two things, it completely discredits the collective group of people where the last president surfaced from for the next few elections and it sets the stage for your group to put its best foot forward to practically walk away with the next presidential election. Sound to sinister an idea for our political system? Well, consider this; this is a country that let a foreign born governor terminate an imprisoned rehabilitated noble prize nominee! This is the very same country that let will give you more time for crack than cocaine; mind you, crack has less cocaine in it and sells for much less. This is the same country that was built on the death beds of an entire nation of native inhabitants by a group of exiled immigrants from a parent country whom we later fought for independence. This is the same country that believes 18 year old adolescents are mature enough to purchase tobacco products and serve either life in prison or enlist in the military but not established enough to drink alcohol! Does that plan now sound as absurd and farfetched as you previously thought, or is it now considered as a grand master in chess would label, mate-in-two!