“The Game”

by Incarcerated Flavors

An Old Mn appraised me that we only live one time in this world. So look before you leap, beleive some of what you hear and half of what you see.

He warned, “There will be bumps and bruises, broken noses and busted lips somewhere along the way.Its better to be safe than sorry in this game called life, put your thinkng cap on get ready for the journey by preparing yourself today. He said, ” I played basketball, football, baseball, scrabble, poker and chess. Some win, some lose in any game we play because it all boils down to see who’s the best. Practice makes perfect in all facets of life. When you condition the mind, body and soul, never play the game based on anger, by chance you may lose control.

So if that happens  and people start asking what happened to that guy? His attitude has changed. I gave you my true blessing but you didn’t learn the lesson on how to play The Game.

Divinely composed by:

Mr. Louis Parson # 11A1296

Great Meadow Corr. Facility