Dear Pop!

by Incarcerated Flavors

You were the mystery in my life that couldn’t be understood. I use to sit and watch as you work under the hood.

Fixing cars was your craft, with many fingers smashed, up bright and early to do it again. I wish that we were closer like good friends.

In my heart I know you loved me, but why I ask did you never console me.

Like an onion you were tough to peel back, but when you were hurt those tears would role like a mat.

I only imagine the times we didn’t get to share, becasue when you were here you shared it mostly with a beer.

As I have gotten older I understand some of your struggle, life is hard and problems are often hard to juggle.

That why on this day you were layed to rest, I only recall my Pops at his best.. Talking shit and not taking no mess… Damb I miss you, You were the best!!!!

From your loving son James Vaughan Jr.