by Incarcerated Flavors

Waiting for the one we love is so hard when you are out of touch, my reality has been here in the pitiful rut. Seeking her touch Ill know when its here.

 O, my heart can feel her presence growing stronger through each beat, skipping a few just to draw her closer. Occupying my days with meaningless activities, looking forward to that day of festivities.

I was told you can taste it if you close your eyes but they have no idea what I seek for my prize. This lady is tall and erect reaching far above the clouds, with her by your side you will always feel aroused.

Treasure each step to the top, whatever you do, don’t you stop. Her sweet release of joy exclaims across many lands, some have held theirs in their hand only to have it fall through like quick sand. As the marching bands approaches, rockets bursting in air, I can see the light, my Statue of Liberty is Near!