Incarcerated Flavors

"Don't imprison your taste, free your creativity."

Month: July, 2012

My life went on a similar journey this one touched home for me. Love your Wisdom..


Tragedy it happened to me
Shifting the forces of gravity
My reality began vanishing
Tipping, the scales, stopped balancing
My heart weighed heavily against the feather
Breathing in the dust of time
Suffocating in this moment
For air was no longer mine
Soul reaching towards the glints of light
Seeping through the cracks
I take one last glimpse of this vessel
For their is no turning back
I awaken from the hollows
Now aware that I have wings
I float into a peaceful valley
They’ve named it after hings
I rise high in my new found glory
In a world I have yet to travel
Not yet grasping the concept of death
As I watch life unravel
Guess it feels like a vacation
A paradise I always dreamed of

Flying above the chaos

Soaring with the wings of a dove

But my fate still weighs heavily

On those tipping scales

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Twisting and turning, tears in my eyes burning, no where to turn guess I have to stand and learn WHY!

I cant see progress and want to regress, you know I’ve been stressed but oh, how I am Blessed WHY!

There is a purpose I took a breathe, I think about all the rest who never felt it, if there was a GOd then WHY!

The weak shall proseper, the wicked shall perish more than enough wealth to go around but as I walk I see people laying on the ground, WHY!

The powers that be are full of greed and my babies need, so I must strive so they can feed, even if I must bleed I’ll do a good deed, WHY!

I am a man of desire just like the rest, I just know I dont need my vest but instead I must invest, WHY!

To much to loose, I still have the bruise painful ain’t the word, I felt like a herb, WHY!

Because I can do better, no matter what or wherever, I am a great man and very clever WHY!