by Incarcerated Flavors

Twisting and turning, tears in my eyes burning, no where to turn guess I have to stand and learn WHY!

I cant see progress and want to regress, you know I’ve been stressed but oh, how I am Blessed WHY!

There is a purpose I took a breathe, I think about all the rest who never felt it, if there was a GOd then WHY!

The weak shall proseper, the wicked shall perish more than enough wealth to go around but as I walk I see people laying on the ground, WHY!

The powers that be are full of greed and my babies need, so I must strive so they can feed, even if I must bleed I’ll do a good deed, WHY!

I am a man of desire just like the rest, I just know I dont need my vest but instead I must invest, WHY!

To much to loose, I still have the bruise painful ain’t the word, I felt like a herb, WHY!

Because I can do better, no matter what or wherever, I am a great man and very clever WHY!