Incarcerated Flavors

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Month: August, 2012




Never Too Late!

Its always a painful feeling when we see our young people succumb to a victim free killing.

Two lives are lost and many are effected, is it because so many are infected.

Insectisides are of no value since ignorence has permiated each generation all across our nation.

Before the post plantations the teaching were perpetuated an cause an infestation.

We continue to perpetuate the teachings by acting off of our immature well thought out plans,

And worst of all we have accumulated fans who sit in the stands cheering you right on to the penitentary or grave,

only to talk about you when they tthemselves are slaves.

A rat race that is taking place has a fast past and has cause many to fall on their face,

Its Never to Late, you have not fell from, grace stand up and take your rightful place,

If you want to stay down don’t come around or show your face,

However just remember its Never To Late.