Incarcerated Flavors

"Don't imprison your taste, free your creativity."

Month: February, 2013


Is it because of my dread you dread to see me. Or is it the felony I committed and was so heart broken. I’m grown and the past is the blast that brought forth this impeccable creation. This nation is racing to a promise of the dream, while we dreaming they are sceaming, fire-breathing on our suffering education system. I miss them hard-working teachers that was trying to reach us, who knew what our struggle really was and the high of our plight. Now our youth are up against a major fight without the light to see the truth, so they shoot their guns off the roof seeking for truth. Gang banging cocaine slinging, grave site dug and cell doors slammed.

Why we teach and keep our people illiterate?


Black History Month African Cultural celebration

Intead of always getting the history or culture of Africa from and American that has never seen the land in person we are going to have the African community that migrated here tell us from their recollections….It will be a very eduactional and entertaining night…..

This was the original political prisoner……