Patient Moments!

by Incarcerated Flavors

I sat, I thought and I created.
It came, I went and now I’m living it.

Never forgetting, and not for a moment am I quiting!
Some days are shifty, if it ain’t rough, it ain’t right,
Vaguely echoing, Men on medication staring off in the air.

Sweat dripping off the wall, An old dope feind laying in a ball.
(Mumbles)“Don’t let nothing bring you down, that can’t possibly lift you up”,
As he threw up.

I woke up late night in a fright cause of a fight,
The battle within is grimm, now I must continue to remember to win.
I know many that would cut their feet off to literally crawl in ours!
“Feel Blessed, Be Blessed and Most of All, Give Blessing to Others!”