Bent Thinking

by Incarcerated Flavors

We stand perpendicular with time and space as our thoughts lead paraell to our actions. Our Actions are running circles around our emotions while the outcome lies still as a picture. Our decisive reality lies square with fears, will we ever get out of here.
The Octangle of the 5 alive senses three of them dimmed by our grim experiences; only one to occasionally show up with premonition of our Greater Self and Creative Overstanding. We call this sensation our 6 senses, this leaves me to wonder if all 8 senses were to wake up and be present at the same time could we levitate, wouldn’t that Be Great.
We could break the chains bend the bars and float away to Mars. Hmmmm Imagine that. Let Us Create a New World where our Oval Overstanding would be Equally equated to everyone instead of rescinding the multitude. There we could meet at the Vertex of Our MInd communicating telepathically, seeing visions of our future in time, creating a new world without a divide. We’re achieving the sublime moving at the speed of light this is my existence, Let Us Take Flight To Night All 8 Senses Awake…..
With Love Peace Never Give Up, Iesha A.