Families of men in the Merle Cooper Program

by Incarcerated Flavors

Families of men in the Merle Cooper Program at Clinton, as well as past graduates of the program, have been calling us in record numbers to express their outrage at the announced closing of what they have found to be the best of DOCCS’ rehabilitative programs.  There is now a link to a Change.org petition where you can join in the call to stop the elimination of the Merle Cooper Program.  
If you wish to support our brothers in prison who are struggling to improve themselves, please consider clicking on this link to sign the petition:


To learn more about the program, see Corey Parks’ article in the Sept 2012 edition of  Building Bridges athttp://prisonaction.blogspot.com/search?q=merle+cooper

In it Corey says: “Merle Cooper gave me new ways to think and challenge myself as an individual. The skill classes gave direction, small groups gave me ways to reflect, and community meetings allowed me to obtain insight into what led to my criminal behavior, and empathy for my victim.  Even at times of not following a rule or enduring some personal issues, there was always a staff member or participant who would talk to me about my problems. Today I have employment, go to college, and offer mentorship to people in need. I am thankful for all my experiences because it made me the person I am today.
Judith Brink
Director, Prison Action Network
Editor, Building Bridges