I living and breatheing why is it everyday

by Incarcerated Flavors

I living and breatheing why is it everyday so many are left grieving. Life has a horrific cycle for those that fail to adhere. They here what they want to see and are blind to the truth.

It is time to stop trying to do it all alone, how you think the white house got built with all those people under the dome. No one man is really in charge, its a shared idea that is voted upon for the goodness of the whole.

They pockets are swollen and ours left folding. we look at each others with our chest poked out, mad cause I made it out how is that possible when I’m still in. In the midst of those that have lost all hope.

I am a visionary and soon to be legendary gifted even more when I’m not lifted. Hopping to the Hip for I am the vibration that makes the beat. So start moving with me and lets turn up the heat. Its time to eat an my people are starving, with seeds to plant and no where for harvesting.

I’ve seen my darkest days in full, if this is suppose to discourage us from what we envision, I’ll be the first to say its going to be a long day…..pack a lunch for we have fasted and meditated so our decision is written among the stars.

We are just living up to what our thoughts have already fashioned for us, Caution watch for variables…