by Incarcerated Flavors

Nothing in this world is more time consuming than the bettering of one’s self. We can take the week off and life will still exist in the manner we left it. Running from our problems won’t solve them but only make them accumulate.

I’m so tired but I’m more hungry so which desire do you think will have the stronger pull? My hunger to get ahead in life but the lack of physical nutrition is a complete neglect of self. I can recall working out in 100 degree weather with long johns on with a full hooded sweat suite over. Nothing would make me stop at getting my physical body in top condition but out here I feel weary from all of that which consumes me.

If the scars have left you weary, tomorrow is another day and together we will thrive.

The weary get stronger and the stronger get weak that why we have no room for excuses…..
See you tomorrow!