Young Black Male

by Incarcerated Flavors


The following poem was inspired by the growing number of YOUNG BLACK CHILDREN being rapidly introduced to the PENAL SYSTEM. More than 90% of them never had a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL or FATHER FIGURE to demonstrate the real characteristics of MANHOOD. Once again it is not in the intentions of THE SYSTEM to rehabilitate. The focus is to keep a constant flow of occupants into their PRISON CELLS. This is to ensure THEIR JOBS. Unfortunately, young black males are their M.V.P. or MOST VALUABLE “PRODUCT” and the younger, the better. He’s a child with an under-developed mind-state undeserving of the path that lies ahead. A misfortune will cost him his freedom; In prison, He will find fate. To him it’s all natural; They said, He’d be in prison or dead. So many times, This is the encouragement that inspires our youth. Never mind how strong words can really be Some children will embrace this and recognize it as truth, It comes from their role models; What other future would he see? I speak to the fathers and older brothers; For most times, Mother do all they can. Should it really be her responsibility, Completely, And not others? Is a father figure unimportant when raising a man? If my father went to prison, And his father done the same, Would your advice be to follow the same route? With no better words, A child will be proud to keep the tradition. That’s something to think about… For those who understand And do more to get involved, I know the lack of assistance makes you grieve inside. But if we can only reach one in a million, That’s one less funeral or prison cell occupied. – See more at: