A Righteous Man Shall Rise Again

by Incarcerated Flavors

Tension is what fills the air. Going down, something and soon.  When things are at ease, trust, there is one lurking, looking for trouble. Too quiet. Won’t be long before someone decides to turn things topsy-turvy. This House of War is ran on frequent turbulence. Its keeper will never reveal the pleasure it owns each and every time disaster strikes and the tower blares, “Man down, Man down!”

Fewer times than you may believe is there a situation where weapons are not involved!

“I told you so,” in silent screams, “These men are monsters. Monsters who deserve to be here.” The peoples’ thoughts written all over their faces. Lock ‘em down!

Oftentimes we find ourselves locked up, locked down and locked out. Our stories seldom understood. Prison life. Ironically, no one is truly living. Blood on my palms, yet you only expose your back-hand side. Just as guilty as the men you persecute. A righteous man will rise again. But you, you will soon find out. The disdain you have for I because I am clothed in stripes is exactly what imprisons you. This undeserved curse will one day be removed and it will all be by the hands of your hatred.

Not life. Not long. Pray for us lost souls