What I would do if I was free

by Incarcerated Flavors

I’d gather men and women And ignite what lies within them Be the cure to evil’s venom Executing plans to save the children. Where the lost and turned out can turn to A place where they could learn to See outside their malevolent box Of criminal schemes and peddling rocks. Reflecting the message that I bring Through all that I achieve Define desire and what it means To never doubt and disbelieve Go overboard for the overboard! Whom needs more, when we expect more– Replace the pain and sorrow of being poor With the pride and strength of having endured The impossible is just an obstacle for those with imagination, Would be my slogan For the ex-con with a dream to grow, I’d show him Opportunity’s door is always open Be a leader, leading by example Setting the stage for a better age I’d change the economics of morality, unselfish love and how it’s measured And give the glory to God all mighty– for teaching me the secret to adversity’s treasure. I’d travel the world and back taking pictures of all the different races Remembering the time I spent in prison– where I had seen these same familiar faces I would speak for the disgraced and let the world know, some of us truly didn’t know no better I’d fight for legislation to bring back parole a.k.a. hope and to all with power I’d write a letter I’d be what great men before me had been and uphold and extend their legacy I wonder if Jesus shared the same thoughts as he hung from the cross as me.