Driftin’ On A Memory

by Incarcerated Flavors

Driftin on a memory what do I see? I see a king on a throne, I see a queen sitting alone, I see wise young kings ruling the land, I see misguided warriors with gun in hand, I see beautiful queens living in joy, I see middle aged men acting like a boy, When you drift to the future what will it be? To become a better you it is never too late, Have faith in self and begin to create, Knowledge, wisdom and overstanding will give you power; These are three essentials that we need this hour. The Creator created us to create, Sitting on a throne is our fate. Get knowledge, Learn overstanding And love wisdom. Let’s move our queens forward to her queendom, Let’s protect our queens from the danger we see, Let’s create a better future so our posterity will be free – See more at: http://www.livefromlockdown.com/driftin-on-a-memory/#sthash.fCcnl6gC.dpuf