Goddess ( by Demond Jackson)

by Incarcerated Flavors


What would I be Without my mother’s essence, A sister’s affection, My lover’s directions, And their collective protection?

I see a roof over my head, An empty stomach fed With meat, gravy and cornbread.

I can still smell the Royal Crown in the air, Sizzling while the hot comb flows through her hair.

By hook or by crook My sweet lady will provide for me Without a second look She’ll ride, die and lie for me.

When she rules the world I’m a king amongst kings Only she can define what a real man means.

Who do you think inspired the cave man’s fire, Supported his will to create the wheel? Death before dishonor was influenced because of the way she made him feel.

Time stands still, Without her universal existence And if you want to know from experience Ask  lonely man in prison.

See there’s no me without you! And it may sound like square biz But I’ve known some of the flyest players on this planet who fell for you, Changed for you And some went stone cold crazy.

So amazing you are Like rainbows in the sky; Life would have no meaning without you. Must one even question why?

That’s why I’m do or die for Mrs. Right The lady in my life My if only for one night. I’d pull the trigger and push the knife! If riots it insights Or kingdoms come crumbling down, It was worth the extreme measures to share the gift we found. Our souls are bound like CO2 and H2O Angelic and majestic beneath your crown.

Your beauty I consume each and every time I stop to bow. Your elevation is my liberation; Man’s final frontier for seeds to sow

The warrior’s warrior, Who fights for he who has lost all hope! A thousand names you have claimed And my Goddess is the closest I could quote To define how proud I am of that which you have done. Above all that I have wrote, You are appreciated!

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