by Incarcerated Flavors

We are on a mission to end mass incarceration but most of the masses are incarcerated. Most think of the word in only the physical sense I see people daily that are in their own personal cell, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and the list go on.


My confusion come in when I feel like we are often competing with other agencies that say they share about the same mission but not the same passion. Are we just getting on band wagons because this is where the current funding is or do we sincerely have a concern for those coming home from institutions without the vital necessities to survive.

I don’t like politics because they get in the way of those in needs while those that have get to continue reaping the benefits of their titles. I say title cause that all most have they don’t generally fulfill the obligation to the people. Who are they really representing? Those they can identify with and I don’t think I or many others fit that description.