Pleasure Pricipals!

by Incarcerated Flavors


What is the purpose of pleasure when we are always gluttons for pain. Most strive to right a wrong by doing more wrong. We are creatures of self indulgence and when we have those that are more extrovert its almost as if they can be in the way. Don’t let your desire to please others be the same thing that bring you down. First pleasure self then others. If you are not sincerely happy it will only make you more miserable or critical of your life and its struggles seeing others progressing. Its often not even our principals because we barely know or took the time to really think about the things we use to help govern our daily behavior.  It is more so the baggage that we bring and accumulate when we are in these relationship with others.

To those that are coming home with big plans and dreams caution. Don’t try to change the world while striving to change yourself. Living a certain lifestyle is what we envision for self, First we should lean to live Life and develop style over time to go with it…..Be true to thyself…