Keep your Head up!

by Incarcerated Flavors

When pressure is applied the natural response is to get tense for most people. I truly create situations that cause that pressure to continue helping shaping and molding me to be the best God I can. Its ok to get a little uneasy but to totally lose yourself in the midst of becoming the best you very discouraging to those that look up to you.

Nothing I do is for the on lookers or the nay sayers. I really get a thought and see the vision then act on it. Sometime its not exactly how I envisioned it when its all said and done but its more than what I would have done if I would have just let it be a thought.

We look at the way others do and say I wish I could instead of doing what we wish. Its our responsibility to be prepared for the opportunity when it come and if your not then its no fault but yours and instead of crying over that miss opportunity prepare for the next cause be certain it is coming.

My brothers and sisters that served time, if you are still thinking of playing the fool for the system to prove them all right then go ahead and run head first into the wall as they shut the gates behind. But for those still thinking and contemplating get up daily live it like its your last and don’t let no one tell you what you cant do when they themselves sit on the sidelines. Own it work harder to stand out and don’t feel like its owed to you cause your doing whats right now, feel like its still not enough because you know its so much more that you have imagined yourself doing. Be a square there is no cutting corners, give it to them the way they ask because all of the technicalities are in place to discourage us from certain accomplishments. Many people have been down and never got up or had a chance to grow, so every time you think of flipping out cause people are not who they say they are just recall all those that would really do everything needed so we all have the opportunity later.
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