Man of a Son

by Incarcerated Flavors

Its one thing to be a Man in your own rights its the inevitable for those that grow into it. But how can a Man that has robbed himself and children of the most important gift in this world feel like a real Man. Striving to compensate because of the lack of only perpetuate the stifle thinking of the babies. I need to be stern and, direct, but what if he rebels do I punish a young Man and if so how without being physical because of back talk. We are in a generation of unruly babies and its not their fault but the fault of those that dropped the ball.

How do we gain the respect of those that are lost and astray before the day come and they are locked out of the opportunities society has to offer to those that are not branded. Can’t they see from the pain in my eye’s the tremble in my voice and the scares on my back. Can’t they see their future is for them to plan and the only way you don’t have one is when you allow someone else to plan it for you.

My son is the best part and until he realize that and feel that way within his essence I can only lead and be patient that he will grow up to be a greater Man than his Father and all of those that helped birthed us into existence. Our legacy won’t consist of revolving doors of this broken system that only stitch scars that are in need of traumatic care. It is something that need to be intense, our youth need to have tangible education to challenge them to learn new things and utilize our creative channels in ways that are of great use.


“I want to stop because I am so tired but I can’t because my babies are starving from vital nutrition.”