MANDELA- Altruism at its best….

by Incarcerated Flavors

Nelson Mandela was a real down fella, stood up for his people, and ran down on whoever, stated I would die fighting the struggle of our oppressors. He is a hero to many and a rebel to all. Tear were shed but not as much blood was bled. He is a icon and hero. It has long been a vision of mine to create so much discomfort in our oppressors that they want to get rid of me for exposing them. Whenever we stand up for what is right we are held like criminals in the eyes of those that try to keep us down. I’m proud to see that so many was posting and sharing upon his death but many of our youth are unaware of the struggle he and many others like him had to endure for us to appear equal in the eye of society.

Nelson Mandel your legacy was great and that is no mistake. I hope to one day become as great. Powerful but still powerless without you….