by Incarcerated Flavors



The other day I met an Amazing man doing amazing things, his name is James Vaughan founder of incarcerated flavors. This man has overcome his fears by becoming the voice for so many individual who can’t speak for themselves through their creativity. He has overcome mountains and valleys in his own personal life and now he has turn his life around to include helping others. There is no greater purpose in life than helping other to achieve their personal dreams. This man has an amazing task ahead him, leaving his past behind, he is now able to focus on his future and wow, does he have a good one. The United  States is the worlds greatest leader in incarceration with over 2.2 million people currently incarcerated. There has been a 500% increase over the past thirty years. These progressions have resulted in the prisons becoming overcrowded and the state government becoming deluged with the burden of funding to provide food and housing for this rapidly increasing population, in spite of increasing evidence that prove that incarceration is not always the best means of rehabilitation. Understanding the needs for this diverse population can only come from the eyes of someone who has felt there pain and hopelessness. James Vaughan is that ordinary guy doing unordinary things for extraordinary people.   James Vaughan is the founder of incarcerated flavors, a not for profit corporation in Utica, NY. His motto is, “When you see me, see yourself.” letting us know that we are no different from one another no matter what the circumstances are. The Mission of the program is to publish the literary work and creative artwork of those individuals who are incarcerated, to provide them with other channels for their creativity in a positive and productive way. The mission also creates employment for previous incarcerated individuals, through the production of Incarcerated Flavors Magazine. Their re-entry mission is to provide those that are incarceration with an outlet to post their artwork, write poetry, write books, write plays, etc. Providing them with access to a network of people who otherwise would have never recognized their work.  Their organization provides the opportunity to subscribe to their program and receive the chance to get their artwork publish through their quarterly magazine and receive recognition.  You could see all submissions  posted on their blog at Anyone who has been incarcerated or is incarcerated can qualify and participate in this program if you have a sincere desire to improve  your quality of life.  Anybody who has a genuine heart and want to apply themselves to do something positive and constructive to improve their lifestyle can take advantage of this program. The statement that is being made is, just because these individual are physically incarcerated does not mean that they are mentally incapable of creating the next Mona Lisa or write the next best selling novel. If you want to learn more about what James Vaughan is doing check him out on his website