Born Again!

by Incarcerated Flavors

Nothing in this world will ever cause us to depart, I feel so bad that I was not there from the start.

Having you near and so close to my heart is like an art of nature, to feel for a stranger.

Keeping you safe from danger is my only anger, I don’t want you to ever have to pick up a banger.

Striving to do all that I can and be the Man that you always needed me to be, falling short is not a sport

that I’m not willing to lose.

I still have a bruise form trying to just cruise through life without its most precious jewel, you are my future I’ll get out my sutures and stich you back together again.

Many people doubt the success of your repair, that is exactly why I’m standing right here. Don’t bend or fold just stay strong and grow cause your future is the pot of gold.