#SolitaryConfinement by Steve B.I.K.O.

by Incarcerated Flavors

How the hell’s my ‘Jailhouse Lawyer Manual’ contraband? And the ‘Five Percenter Newspaper’? But damn, here I stand/ In a concrete box – about as small as your closet/ Stripped down to my boxers – isolated and hostage/ To the belly within ‘The Belly’ – a/k/a ‘The Hole’/ The place where those savages throw those men they can’t control They often do it to Mumia and the late, great Geronimo (Pratt)/ The game is all the same from Red Onion to Guantanamo/ Lock my body, can’t trap my mind/ But after six months in this box I’m seeing spots & dots & lines/ So when I look in the mirror, my reflection is distorted/ That cat that’s looking back ain’t that brother that got reported/ For the institutional infraction of being a free-thinker/ Tell the public I’m violent and they buy it – hook, line and sinker/ Praying for a rec. break, gritting ’till I’m toothless/ Crying for a few stamps – do you think you could do this?” #SolitaryConfinement by Steve B.I.K.O