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by Incarcerated Flavors

I went to public school and I’m 100% certain that Art/Media/ and Mainstream influence the mind.

How Emo Music/Art drives rich kids to therapists and raises drug sales.

So does rap music influence children who don’t have parents around to assist in their literacy development and increase a healthy vocabulary. Statistically we can predict the amount of crime in the future based on how illiterate kids from 1′st – 5th grade are.

It’s time we take that garbage of the airwaves and allow talented artists to finally meet supply and demand. Because honestly it wasn’t supply and demand that got this crap on the airwaves in the first place.

Also with the new laws that ALEC has lobbied for which CCA is a member for. Illegal Immigrants are being help with long minimum sentences in these private prisons which hold no Rehabilitation or Education/ and allow the circulation of gangster music and formations of gangs.

What we are doing is creating CRIMINALS and sending them back to their country’s to create disruption. It’s obvious!!! 

LETS MAKE the conversation of Private Prison Ethics the next big thing in the next elections. Lets start embarrassing every company that has ties with ALEC and CCA, and lets make the public aware of this once and for all.

Private Prisons could potentially work the public’s interest, but at the moment its doing the opposite. We can reform!