Words Of Advice!

by Incarcerated Flavors

A thinking man is one that takes time to consider every possible consequence of his actions. Loyalty will get you killed or in prison if you for one moment think all of your friends are your real friends. Everyone around you wants something from you, some with good intent others with ill, it is your duty to assess those people carefully for one false move or choice could be the last. I recall being asked about 15 years ago did I want to take a ride real quick and that ride lead me to be faced with a life or death situation, I’m still typing so you know I’m still hear but I died that day also and was slowly reborn.

If you don’t have a plan or goal for yourself anyone can come along and choose one for you, be the wind in your own sale,  the current in your own sea, the sole controller of your universe. Its always when you say you are about to change that it all start to look like its going to crumble down all around you, well you have been traveling at a terrific speed in one direction for some time and suddenly stopped because of life consequences. Now is the time to face your past as a upright and righteous person with no ill intent but more so humbled from your journey and prepared to teach others through life experience.