by Incarcerated Flavors

Young Men please stop for one moment and listen. I speak to many of you often and today is no difference. It is clear to me that you are under the impression that you can beat the system by continuing to put your self at risk of their grasp. AND THEN WHAT HAPPEN? You look for more ways to navigate your way through to get the least amount of time and when that does not look like it is going well, let’s go on the run so we can at least enjoy the summer in the streets.

I get it who wants to go to prison but even more who want to go for a long time. DO we think that if he run he will remain a law abiding citizen and not do anything to break the law to accumulate more time on top of what he got or will he most likely commit another crime that he will get caught for in whatever little state he travels to and then have to come back here for more time.