by Incarcerated Flavors


Breathe take a moment breathe, The Lights are out and the rain is pouring, lighting is striking how the hell they still snoring. Wake up its real, these people will let us kill each other although you my brother my sister how are you doing I missed you. Thought you looked familiar but I was taught only to see you as peculiar. We are one and the same how come my pain ain’t your pain and that blood stain cause you no shame. That’s your future you poured out our next general with out a doubt. Only if he knew it he would have not stood on this corner and blew it, throwing bricks at the penitentiary has been going on for more than a century it is a trap that was sent for me. Take one day at a time while you out and about on your grind and watch out for that slippery slime cause you know them boys be dropping dimes that’s why a dude like me stopped committing crimes and started take more CUATION!!!!