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Month: August, 2014

This Must Be How Slaves Felt!!!

A really great Poem and the words are so true please share the link and the message it has….



Would you prefer to have a family that has absolutely nothing but each other and the struggle they each face or a family that appears to have everything but lack unification, concern, or Love for one another?

It hard to see the later and be from the first potion of the question cause we often feel like if we had things our lives would be better and the reality is we never find out until we are in it. I hope that regardless of the things that I am able to assist my FAMILY in obtaining we are never blinded by them and neglect the love we had for each other when we were without.

Anyone that has a family and seem like they are cast aside for whatever reason. Know that blood alone does not make you family we have to judge by the heart of those that embrace us. I was able to find family in prison when I felt like all I had was my mother and father cause that is who was there. But I found many Big Brothers I always wished I had.


So don’t get discouraged by those we think should love us be inspired by those that do.