PTSD Or Is it Me!

by Incarcerated Flavors

This past week has been a blur that I can’t begin to describe as even a vision or dream but more of a prime time tv show. The life that I have been blessed to live out is not one that I foreseen as a youth. I am never going to regret what moments life really decided to make me realize that I’m living out what has already been seen mentally. Now having the ability to really see the path I’m on it often times scare me not from what is appearing before me but for the idea it could all be gone in a day. PTSD, I must have some sorts of it after doing all that time they brain wash you into knowing that you can be right back and they will be right there waiting for you. On the Chow, On the program, On the chow on the programs, I am so conditioned to that cycle that it is almost impossible for me to stay in bed most mornings cause it was mandatory that you had to be out of your bed by a certain time with it made, wish I could have kept the making the bed part…lol. Anyway stand by for this Tedx Utica it is going to be a year to remember a year a young man come into his rightful place and perform the duties that have been bestowed….#SELFFULFILLINGPROHECY