About Us

Dear Society,

We are the sons, daughters, mothers and fathers of the misrepresented, displaced and undermined. We are the social misfits that have been cast aside by your societal hierarchy. We are the nerds, dorks, felons, convicts and other ill-gotten stereotypes you have labeled us. We share the misfortune of being collectively placated by your leaders at the present, only to grab the reigns of leadership in the future, as we usher in a new era free of social, political and economic tyranny.

We no longer require your half hearted assistance to help us save the lives of our unemployed, welfare supported, subsidized housing recipients. We have identified our distinguished, displaced, uneducated, excommunicated souls, desiring the sweet release of exoneration from your indentured social servitude.

We are at the forefront of a revolution. This is the ascension of a victimized people, the reform of social interaction as we know it. The beginning of a united front for our mislead, misunderstood and mismanaged masses. From the bottom of society’s dirt encrusted heels with their tattered boots on our necks, backs and throats, we will rise to the pinnacle of society; and with one collective effort we will reclaim our rightful place within a newly molded social order as your communal pillars and global leaders.


Yours Truly,

Incarcerated Flavors