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The power of potential | James Vaughan | TEDxUtica

The power of potential | James Vaughan | TEDxUtica
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. James Vaughn shares his personal story of growing up in Paterson, N…


To grow is to learn. To stop learning is to start dying!



Who Empowered Those in Power To Have Power? Are they any more special than we are to decide what is right nor wrong. Is this a true representation of the people?House chamber in session

Lost N!@@#!

Inmates from Wyoming Correctional Facility Assist in Flood Precaution Measures

Inmates from Wyoming Correctional Facility Assist in Flood Precaution Measures

Dozens of inmate work crews from the Wende Hub assisted with storm related projects including clearing of fire hydrants and sandbagging in multiple locations. Read More.

Flood Preparation

Just Saying!

Life is difficult enough when striving to do things the right way, something always seem to still go wrong. So why the hell on earth do we think by doing something that is considered wrong by society going to get us great result?

Former Black Panther Released After 40years Behind Bars

Former Black Panther Released After 40years Behind Bars

Posted by Kareem Kinslow on July 1, 2014

Marshall “Eddie” Conway was released from prison in March after being convicted of killing a cop in Baltimore in 1970. He was a political prisoner.

Conway was convicted of the 1970 murder of Baltimore City police officer Donald Sager. Sager and his partner were ambushed by three gunmen while responding to a domestic disturbance call in west Baltimore. Conway was apart of a orgamzation some would call Militant, but in fact it was not at all. They had to protext themselves from Injustice that was going on around that time. You can imagine that Eddie was going through a pretty tense time in the early 70s. Society around that time was not all accepting still of African-Americans efforts to get freedom in this country of stolen land.

Marshall “Eddie” Conway, described by advocates as one of the nation’s longest-held political prisoners, was released yesterday after more than four decades in prison. Conway was the Minister of Defense for the Baltimore chapter of the Black Panther Party when he was convicted of killing a Baltimore police officer in 1970, though he continuously affirmed his innocence. He claims he was framed for the murder, and a victim of dubious testimony gathered through surveillance under the controversial counterintelligence program COINTELPRO, which has been linked to assassinations and widespread arrests of black political figures. Local police officers’ unions are quoted saying they are disappointed Conway won’t be serving the remainder of his life sentence.

There is no way you can ignore the fact that a lot of black leaders are still in prison due to wrongly convictions and insufficent evidence. It was either prison or death and most historical black leaders can back me up if only they was around to do so. As you can see people want to see him die in jail, but the question is whats the deeper meaning behind all the Black Panthers being in jail/prison

Its not so black and white!

The Power of Potential | James Vaughan | TEDxUtica

The Power of Potential | James Vaughan | TEDxUtica.