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"Don't imprison your taste, free your creativity."

The power of potential | James Vaughan | TEDxUtica

The power of potential | James Vaughan | TEDxUtica
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. James Vaughn shares his personal story of growing up in Paterson, N…

Oneida Square Project

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To grow is to learn. To stop learning is to start dying!


Is this term even free or does it cost to state that I am FREE! We are doing to work that has been left undone by those who claim to be assisting us in our efforts..Keep sharing the post as we are engaged in gaining our true FREEDOM!



Who Empowered Those in Power To Have Power? Are they any more special than we are to decide what is right nor wrong. Is this a true representation of the people?House chamber in session

New York prison escape: Killers still on the run as prison employee questioned

Lost N!@@#!

My Big Sis!

This is not a poem but a slogan I can’t seem to fix my lips to say, however I am missing her so much since that day.

The reason is unknown but the pain has a name, insane, insane is the way I’d like to go just because I think of all those dudes jaws we broke. Messing with my Big sister shit you must be a joke.

You were my cloak, my shelter from the life storms, always treated me as your first born and when you had her I was scorned. I would have bet we would grow old and be together but there are some plans that no matter or weather you prepare, its always a devastating affair.

All four of your off springs are bejeweled and rare, it is my hope to inspire them to dare, to dare and become that which we did not and I’ll die striving to see they don’t give up.

This pain in my gut appear to be chronic, My nerves are absurd and I can barely speak the words of saying you will always be missed but in the midst of all this shit know that you are always my Big Sis….

I love you Patrice Lorraine Hall Thomas……..11/5/1967-1/14/2015

Inmates from Wyoming Correctional Facility Assist in Flood Precaution Measures

Inmates from Wyoming Correctional Facility Assist in Flood Precaution Measures

Dozens of inmate work crews from the Wende Hub assisted with storm related projects including clearing of fire hydrants and sandbagging in multiple locations. Read More.

Flood Preparation