Incarcerated Flavors

"Don't imprison your taste, free your creativity."

Month: May, 2012


I needed you. I needed you to guide me through the storms. But you always seemed to be caught in a whirlwind of your own.
I looked for you for many years, but I couldn’t find who I thought you should be.
I guess you spent those years searching for who you needed.
Did you find what you were looking for? Are you happy?
Does it surprise you now, that I don’t return your calls?
You seemed to have ignored my cries for decades because, you say
“I’m too emotional, too touchy. I’m never happy.”
I gave you credit for how hard you worked, for making it OUT of rough times.
Did you know I made it throught those rough times? Did you see me there? I was with you. I felt the heartache you felt. The pain. I cried those tears.
My meager 10 years trying to make sense…

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Emptying Prisons, Filling Jails, A Failure

Emptying Prisons, Filling Jails, A Failure.


Our roots are deep, why must we compete, equal share would be suffice, damb dont you wish America was that nice.

Capitalize off of ignorence, temptations are so shinney and bright I seek for us to move to higher grounds, not looking down on those with a frown but pull them up, your family has enriched these grounds.

Where you from, but Earth of course, so am I, are we related. You black I’m white, well that can’t be right. I’m human, your ? Hmmmmmmm. Let you deciede but when you figure out on which side you stand, let the decideing factor be you are from earth we share our existence together for all that its worth.

We are all Family, no Beginning or End!

Summers Revolving Door

When its hot, cell doors open, beds are emptied only to be filled.

Always know they are watching……..

“Untitled and don’t care”


Holding my head above water is tough; certainly when the turbulence is all the way up I get this funny feeling in my gut.


Bums sit on the corner begging for wine, they possibly have more income than mine. Sipping moonshine my uncle sun made off his grapevine.  I give my last bit of change although it won’t make a change, why they all looking at us like we strange. I feel all of your pain it’s like that old cliché, “Fire in my brain”


I use to feel divine not because I gave up swine but within my mind, worries exceeded me yet they never defeated thee.  I loved my inner peace and nothing could disturbith me, then my country tears of thee enforce their laws on we you see, Getting a head is often a young boys fantasy.