Pain Runs Deep!

by Incarcerated Flavors

A Mothers Love!Life has a way of discouraging us from our purpose , leaving many feeling worthless.
Imagine the tragic of life with no purpose, its like where a mother feels birthless.
A love once bore has been lost, repressed within.

Striving for greatness, nothing is by mistake. Your heart beat flutter, hands are shaking. Worried cause those tears no more, they are now flaking.

This deep burning in my gut has me in a rut, its and emptiness that can’t be replaced. I love that little face, brightly engraved in my heart and mind is where I keep you both. I’m ok its fine in due time.

My pain is nothing that could compare to that of a woman, A WOMAN, that has been DEPRIVED OF HER RIGHT, this ain’t right but the story is deep.

By now many would have took to the streets, making it even more impossible to compete, I’m so very proud of you for staying on your feet, Even when others would have curled up and accepted defeat.